Thursday, March 8, 2012

He's Everywhere!

Is there anyone out there who doesn't watch Dr. Oz?

I try to watch most days and really like his show.  It's funny how many places you hear him quoted.  I went in a salon at the mall to look for Aveda shampoo that was recommended to make gray or highlighted hair shiny.  When I asked for Blue Malva the girl said "Did you hear this on Dr. Oz?"  LOL yes, I did.  She said they are having a hard time keeping it since that show aired.

Yesterday I went to the health food store for lemon ginger tea and the customer checking out ahead of me told the worker, "well you might want to get this product (think it was some kind of nut butter)  because Dr Oz said it was good and I'm sure it would sell".  At that point we all got a chuckle out of whatever He says is the gospel!!!

My friend, Kay at Musings, posted a recipe for vinegar/water to clean vegetables today, from Dr. Oz. I'm glad she shared this, cause, I missed that episode/ha.

Have a good day all.....back to my tax project!!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Well hello all.  I am still alive and kicking. 

I've been going to therapy for my knee but decided to stop.  No pain, getting around better that pre-surgery so calling it quits.

Had a bout with stomach virus last week......ugh!! Would rather have knee surgery/ha

Family came for the weekend.  We had our annual spring crawfish boil.  Yummy!

Lila and I stayed outdoors as much as we could.  The wind was blowing hard.  Kinda chilly.  That girl loves any activity outdoors.  We walked everywhere, rode the trail cruiser, chased Trixie, threw rocks, stirred the crawfish with a stick, ha.  Fun weekend.

I'm counting the days until baby boy arrives.  I find myself in the boy section of every store lately.  Poor boys, the selection is not what it is for girls.  I don't understand why, boys have to wear clothes too!

I'm trying to catch up with you all but find it hard to sit still in this warm weather.