Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Every year when the nights get cool, then gnats find me!  They are so annoying.
They fly in front of my face (just to further annoy me)  I swat, clap, hit but have yet to actually get one.  I clap like I am fighting a large animal  and never catch one. 

So today I googled gnats and how to get rid of them. 

I knew it had to do with cooler temperatures, moisture and ripe fruit.  A damp dish cloth or towel gets covered in no time.  My banana's seemed very attractive to them so I put them in the fridge today, only to read that that is not a good idea.  Pests can get in there with them. 

A couple of ideas sounded real interesting.

1. Place some fruit juice in a bottle with lid.  Put a hole in lid and just wait on them to fly in, which they will very rapidly.  Shake the bottle to drown them, then wait for more.  When bottle gets too repulsive, start over with fresh juice.

2.  Turn an almost empty wine bottle on it's side and wait, they can't find their way out.  They love wine (guess they aren't dumb)

3.  Clean the drains with foaming drain cleaner.  (guaranteed to work)

Is anyone else having this problem?  It's the one thing I don't enjoy about this wonderful weather!

Ok, I'm off to clean the drains and have some wine.......ha