Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hot, Hot, Hot

It's beginning to look like fall!! But it isn't!! This is June in Arkansas! The leaves are rapidly turning gold then brown. The drought continues. We had a shower 4 or 5 weeks ago (I forget the date).

The grass crunches when you walk on it.

The forecast doesn't offer any relief.
Thursday - 106
Friday - 106
Saturday - 104
Sunday - 100

My prayer is that no fires are carelessly started. Hot and dry, we can survive. The awful fires that Colorado is experiencing is another story. 

The local sale barn has been filled with cattle from this area.  The hay fields have all dried up forcing the ranchers to sell.  Sad!

Stay cool folks! 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

From My Grill to Yours!

Satisfaction guaranteed.

As you prepare your 4th of July menus, if you are looking for a good kabob recipe, try these....I repeat, try these.  We couldn't get enough of them last week and I'm having them again this weekend.

For the chicken:

 Easy Italian chicken Marinade

 3-4 lbs boneless chicken
 1 (16 oz) bottle Italian salad dressing
1/3 cup fresh lemon juice 1/3 cup honey
1/4 cup worcestershire sauce
 2 tsp paprika
 Marinate chicken for 6 hours or overnight and grill.

For the beef:

Shish Kabob Marinade

1 cup soy sauce (I use lite)
1/2 cup brown sugar
 1/2 cup vinegar
 1/2 cup pineapple juice
 2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp garlic powder
beef, chunked
Mix all ingredients and bring to a boil. Let cool.
 Marinate feef in mixture a minimum of 4 hours.

 I love to have fresh pineapple with the chicken. Baby bella mushrooms, grape tomatoes, sweet red and yellow peppers and you can't omit slices of purple onion on the beef and chicken.
It all grills so well and the flavors are........sigh!!
 Easy, Easy and oh so delicious.
 It's hard to say which one is better!
You just have to have one of each!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

It Was A Wonderful Week!

Yes, It was! I love having my girls and grandchildren all here at once. It was a house filled with fun and laughter (and good food)
First, let me show you how Lacey and Jackson have grown.

 Jackson has grown 4 inches in the last years old! Bet Mom has a hard time filling him up! Lacey is 16, driving and never stops smiling. I can't believe these two, I mean wasn't it yesterday that they were Lila and Brooks ages??

Speaking of Brooks, that boy found new laps to snuggle in last week. He loved every minute (or hour) of being rocked by Aunt Jennifer and Lacey!

It is getting more and more difficult for me to get a picture of the fast moving Lila....never still! I seized the opportunity to snap one as she ate her peanut butter sandwich. It's the only way to eat one, right? Lick it off
 the bread..Ha!

Yes, it was a wonderful week.  I'm counting the days til we can do it again.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Volunteer Update

Alas, my tomato volunteers disappeared.  While I was out of town our friend, the landscape specialist, performed his magic on my flower beds.  He brought fresh mulch, trimmed, fed and applied preen to the beds.  Of course the small tomato plant in the front bed got covered up (or pulled up).  I don't know about the one growing in the gravel is just gone.  Must have gotten stepped on, anyway it is history.  I knew I should have staked it/ha.  I'm not complaining because this task was part of the barter system!  Can't beat it. 

The sunflower was partially eaten by an unknown varmint!!

Clipped off the largest two heads just clean as a whistle. Almost like scissors were used. Mystery! I don't think the plant could have supported a squirrel or coon...maybe a deer? What do you think?

Thankfully the plant survived the pruning and is just beautiful. All of the other heads are blooming. It's like living, blooming sunshine!! Next year I want rows and rows of them!! Well maybe just a few volunteers!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

It's Back!!

I've been excited for two years, since I heard the news!!   And now it is less than 24 hours away.

The gate will open, the music will blare from the surround sound and I will be transported back to.........





Add a grownup John Ross and Christopher to the fun: 

I hope this show is as good as I am anticipating. The interviews and clips I have seen make me think it will be! 
OK, one more picture. I have to show you what I found in a drawer this week (I knew it was there all along, hehe) 

I still have my JR t-shirt!! But it shrank! Yep, been a drawer for 20 years and just drew up! Well, it did.........

 Welcome Back Dallas!
We've been waiting!
Are you gonna watch???

Monday, June 11, 2012

Hula Hoops and Parachutes

This one may be lengthy!

If you have been following me for very long you know how much I treasure my visits with my daughter, Carrie aka Solar Powered and her family. The joy has doubled in the last month with the birth of Mr B.  Last week I paid a visit to their home in NW Arkansas.  We planned this visit to coincide with the first Monday of the month for the activities held at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. (more about the museum later, it deserves it's own post)

Lila has become quite the museum lover, thanks to the variety of activities planned for children.  She and I took the guided preschool tour while Mom walked baby around the grounds (no stopping for him)
The theme was "Circles".  All of the art and exhibits were filled with circles and the children listened with such excitement and then pointed out the circles.  It was a very impressive tour and Lila loved it, IF she could have touched them all.  That girl needs to  touch!

After the tour, we headed outdoors for the fun......
First stop, Hula Hoops!!

Looks to Nanny for instruction.....LOL 

 OK Lila, I'll spin it for you and you just wiggle, wiggle, wiggle!

She had so much fun trying and I have no doubt she will master the hula hoop soon! Yes, I found one this week and cannot wait to give it to her!

 Next stop, Parachute Drop!

After the beach balls were all in the center they took a handle and the fun began!

Up and down, up and was a workout. Once we went under the parachute and made a tent. Well, I didn't stay under for long....too hot for me!

The real thrill of this came when we walked away and Lila said, "now Nanny that was fun"!

 As I said it really was a hot day. Mom and baby had had enough so we headed home to cool off.
 Mr B was more than happy to get out of the hot stroller, shed his clothes do some stretching under the ceiling fan!

A nice long feeding,  back to sleep....Life is Good!

I miss them already!