Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Microsoft, Apple, Adobe

I am home alone and very much need to vent.......I have chosen YOU to hear my problems!!

I told you about my purchase of Windows 8.  I like the looks of the screen, I like the speed of the system.   OK that's 2 likes, now for the dislikes!

I cannot open my ITunes Library.  Now that's a big one.  I like my music and love adding new songs to our ipods, my ipad, and my phone.  I googled this problem and the answers ranged from, uninstall iTunes and reinstall to no, they aren't compatible at all. I opted to try this, uninstall, CAN'T find the program on the uninstall screen!!  Then there was the  forget ITunes and use Xbox (offered with win8) Why would I do that? They charge a monthly charge whether you purchase music or not! It's a conspiracy, I tell you.  Apple and Microsoft are working against us!!

Next problem:  I have Photoshop, or did have.  Can't find it either.  Read the same suggestions....just upgrade from CS4 to the newest and it will work.  If I can't open CS4 can I upgrade?  Adobe please help me!  I've had it for 5 years and it was an investment to say the least.  I don't even know where the installation disc is.........

If you are contemplating an upgrade, I would hold out!  Evidently this 8 was released before it was ready to accept these issues.  Has any upgrade ever been without bugs?  So frustrating to the consumer!!

You know how much I hate change......did it just to bring work home with me......bad idea anyway!

I had some great pictures and my last week of fun to share with you but got sidetracked with this stupid computer.  Maybe tomorrow!  If I can find my pictures!!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Man In The House

It just throws a kink in the routine when the man of the house is sick.  My hubby came home on Tuesday doubled up in pain.  He got on the couch and hasn't moved in two days except to go to bed and the little room next to the bedroom........

Several sprites, a pitcher of tea later, I think he's on the mend.  He felt well enough today to get the remote control in his hand.  He watches Encore Western channel "all day".  That consists of Gunsmoke, Bonanza, etc. The shows are good, don't get me wrong, I like em too but  the commercials are getting me down.  They go from life and burial insurance to portable oxygen tanks to catheters (yes a commercial for catheters), and on to every disease know to man and treatment for it.  Don't forget the Medicare commercials that last at least 10 minutes.  I finally asked him if he thinks anyone under 50 watches this channel?  He said I know it's kinda depressing  (but he hasn't changed the channel yet!)  He can hold the remote til 8:00, that's when I take over! Grey's and Scandal tonight!!!

I have to tell you I am very pleased with the Windows 8 purchase!  It has made my computer dramatically faster and I really like the features of the program.  Still a lot to learn but I recommend it, if you are thinking of making the change.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Software and Updates

It all started when I decided to purchase Excel 2013 for my home computer.  I was motivated to bring the tax stuff home to spend some evening hours on it.  Bought it, installed it and then the error message appeared: You must have Windows 7 or 8 to run this program........Staples tech obviously wasn't aware of this since I told him I was running Vista.  So I then had to order Windows 8 online since it was not in store yet.....blah, blah, blah.  Installed 8 just now and I am totally lost.  If I can't locate blog again, I wanted you all to know that I am thinking of you and searching for you. Ha.
It really is an adjustment, and I am getting too old for updates.........please can't things just roll along smoothly without changes?

On a brighter note, I spent the afternoon outdoors....yippee!  Washed car, trimmed flowers and bushes, disposed of limbs!  It was so much fun.  After not sleeping last night I am looking forward to a good nights sleep, (fresh air and yard work will do it every time)

OK, I'm going to see if I can now open Excel, then close it and go to the couch!

Hope I can find you again after exiting this program.