Thursday, January 17, 2013

Making Groceries Last

I really hate to buy fruits and vegetables and when I am ready to cook or eat them they are ruined.  Food cost too much to waste.  Right?  I love to have a good supply on hand but sometimes it is days before I use them, only to find mold or wilted products.

I know you don't all browse Pinterest, although you really should, it's great.  Back to the subject, I found the best pin and in turn a site to make your groceries last!

I've already tried two of them:

Wrap banana stems tightly in plastic wrap to keep them 3-5 days longer!  Yippee

Wash strawberries in a mixture of one part vinegar to  ten parts water.  Rinse and store in refrigerator. Supposedly they will last up to two weeks!  Unbelievable

There are 27 tips and they are all very interesting. 

To see all 27 go to and then type in the search block in upper left corner: 27 ways to make your groceries last.   When it opens new window, click on the banana as above and it will take you to the site! Great tips, I promise.

See you all on two little ones are coming for the weekend and Nanny is so happy.  Mom and Dad are getting the weekend off to do as they please!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I Tried To Tell Them

Last week we had a couple of days that were in the high 60's.  Those days bring about changes in nature and I mean dramatic ones.  The jonquils must have been waiting to burst forth.  I mean look what they did.....

Looks like a volcano eruption...ground just lifted up.

I went out, snapped some pictures and tried to tell them not to do this.  You're jumping the gun, better wait awhile before coming up!  But no, they didn't listen to me.  Who do I think I am, Mother Nature!!

Well it was bound to happen. 

Sleet started to fall and boy did it fall.

It happened so fast and was so pretty.  "Was" is the key word.  It is already beginning to change to rain.  Yippee!   

I like this kind of snow/sleet.  Only here for a short time.  (I hope!) 
Best of luck to the early risers (jonquils)!

Friday, January 11, 2013


No real theme here, just a few random thoughts. ha

Time for a new header.  It just doesn't go with the new year.  Oh me what to use?

Could it be that two weeks ago (my last post) we had snow and freezing rain.  I have always heard if you don't like the weather in Arkansas just wait a minute!  How true that is.  High of 66 today....turn me loose!  I've got to get outdoors.

1099's and gathering of data calls me.  This is the season at the bottom of the totem pole of my likes.  One thing is certain, it's not going away. I may as well jump in and try to complete it.

Our closet project is completed.  I had to empty them all to have shelves built and that was a messy site to see.  I decided to dispose of much unneeded stuff......  and now I have an organized closet. Oh it feels so good.  Now I have to keep it this way!  Do you hear me Nanny......Keep it this way!  I love donating to a local church thrift store.  The ladies work so hard to display all of the items, promptly after receiving them. 

I hope you all are having a nice start to the new year.  I'd better get up and get busy.....have a good day! TGIF!!