Sunday, August 16, 2009

Remembering Elvis!

Every August Elvis Presley fans from around the world descend on Memphis Tennessee to take part in the annual Elvis Week Celebrations.

Debbie is hosting Elvis story day, she has lots of interesting facts about Elvis so give her a visit! She also has the video of Elvis and Celine that was on American Idol that brings me to is just too real!!!

My memory of August 16, 1977 is one of being glued to the tv all day and night watching every news program available and hoping it just wasn't true. All this while my sweet little 8 week old baby napped on the sofa!

When I was a little girl my big brother visited Graceland, got a couple of blades of grass from the yard, taped it to an index card, and had some employee (I forget who, but I'll bet he remembers) write on the card that this is from the yard of Elvis Presley. Well I not knowing how special this was to my brother,,,took a pen and just kind of traced over the writing, no big deal, right??? NOT! He was very mad at me but of course I denied the whole thing!!!

Have you seen Finding Graceland? It is several years old but I loved it!
The King of Rock-n-Roll lives! On his way across New Mexico, Byron Gruman picks up a hitch-hiking impersonator who says he's Elvis Presley really. Skeptical and trying to shake the memory of his wife's death, Byron just wants to drop Elvis off at his Memphis destination. Instead, he finds himself won over by this King, much like everyone they meet including a sexy Marilyn Monroe look-alike. Featuring a scene that was shot inside the Graceland Mansion thanks to Priscilla Presley's involvement as executive producer. With Harvey Keitel, Bridget Fonda, Johnathon Schaech.

Have a good Sunday All!


Joyce said...

I have never been there but hope to visit Graceland one day.

Alison said...

You won the apron. You can choose from one that is posted or a razorback one with a red towel. Let me know. Congrats. I hope you enjoy it.

Judy said...

Oh lordy, I've been so into making my movie out at the beach today...that I totally forgot this was the anniversary of Elvis' passing.

He sure was The King of Rock&Roll ! I have sung alot of his songs on SingSnap! (that's a online karaoke site. )

His spirit lives on and will forever !

KBeau said...

I still miss Elvis. Love listening to the Elvis channel on Sirius radio.

Jill said...

It is one of those things you ALWAYS remember...I was sitting at our kitchen table doing homework with our tiny little black and white TV on when the news came that Elvis was dead.

I wonder if my kids will have a memory of Michael Jackson's death in a similar way...

Tasha said...

Elvis was amazing. My husband and I just had the discussion about who was the greatest singer of all time? We decided it was definitely Elvis. Sorry to Michael Jackson- but Elvis was incredible!

KBeau said...

Glad you liked the button and glad to see you are already using it. I've had that logo stored on my computer for a while. I was using another Hog logo that I swiped (probably from either you or Joycee). My friend Nick commented that if I was going to have the Alabama bloggers logo on my sidebar it could not be smaller than the Razorback button.

I tried making the other one larger, with no luck, so I found this one a used it. I also deleted the Alabama Bloggers button and the reloaded. Somehow in the process it became smaller. I think the proportions work just fine now.

Solar Powered said...

Long Live the King