Thursday, October 22, 2009

Germ Warfare

If you did not see The Early Show this morning, I want you to see this segment!!! It disturbed me!

Germ Warfare: The Laundry Room

Air Date: 10/22/09

Clip 4:14
In the series Germ Warfare, Susan Koeppen reports on a study of the amount of germs found in the washing machines of four different homes. Some results compare to the contamination of a dirty diaper.

This is the only clip of the series that is "X" out for some reason, so you will have to go to the site to view it. Please do!


Tricia said...

My mom has always ran bleach through on empty cycles, but not after every 2 or 3 loads - she does it once a month or so. Man! I think every 2-3 loads is a bit paranoid, but who knows. I forget to do the bleach cycle, so I'll have to start remembering to do so.
Thanks for the reminder!

Joyce said...

I don't even want my mind to wonder into that germ filled room and think about what lurks inside my washer as it stinks. Used bleach, baking powder, vinegar and it still stinks. I think perhaps an old wet sock is between the drum and the outside part. It sits in the hall next to the kitchen and now it is stinking up the kitchen. Needless to say I am now going out for a can of frebreeze and if that does not work we are calling in the repair man because it is not a good thing. So for now I do not want to see the video:)
Off to get a pair of nose plugs!

Solar Powered said...

Oh my, well at least my washer hasn't killed me yet (and I was pregnant even), but I'd be willing to bet that with all the dog blankets that I wash that mine has a super high bacteria count. Gross.Me.Out. Bleach is on my Target list.

Betsy said...

I'm glad to know bleach helps! I do a load with bleach about 3 times a week. Whew!

the ungourmet said...

I'm afraid to watch! :0(

Patty said...

Little scary isn't it.

Tanna (The Brick Street Bungalow) said...

Okay, call me tech-challenged... I can't find/watch the video. =/ I am sure it is gross. I always soothe myself by saying that we are in training to fight bacteria if we allow ourself to be exposed to it... Makes me feel better anyway. =)

Robert Lemoine said...

I can not get it to play.

Robert Lemoine said...
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