Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Lacey

It is so hard to believe that 14 years ago today my first grandchild was born. It was on Mothers Day! What a wonderful day that was. I had so much fun....Her mother (my daughter) said she was glad I enjoyed it, because she didn't think it was much fun! She was in labor for many hours and was exhausted, so I stepped up and gave Lacey her first bottle, helped the nurse bathe her and dressed her...oh it was great!

And now that sweet baby is 14!
Sonic even wished her a Happy Birthday..(I think she is one of their best customers)

She is active in competitive cheerleading..her last competition was in Dallas (how perfect is that)? We dressed Lila in the team colors and all went to show our support.

Last weekend we were all together for mothers day and Lacey took such good care of Lila. Lila was so sick with ear infections and feeling just awful. Despite her illness she did not suffer from the lack of attention. We took turns rocking and pampering....

Lila tried so hard to have fun, and did have a short time of feeling OK.....tearing up magazines is fun!

Having all three together was just a perfect mothers day for me!
Aren't they sweet?



Betsy from Tennessee said...

Happy Birthday to Lacey!!!! What a pretty girl! ALL of your grands are gorgeous!!!! I'll bet you had a fabulous Mother's Day. I had one of my three sons here with me that day. Even that was nice.

My oldest grand is 16 now... Yipes!!!

grammy said...

I share your sentements
Grandkids are the best medicine
Looks like you had a wonderful time
so sorry the little one wasn't feeling good
she sure got a lot of pampering though
Happy BD to your grown up and beautiful (o:

Solar Powered said...

That gave me chills to see a little peanut Lacey. She was so tiny! It's hard to believe that was 14 years ago, what a sweet girl. Despite the sickly Lila, it was wonderful to be home for my first Mother's Day and all be together. Unbeatable!

P.S. It's a good thing I was home for her first illness...It would have been hard to go that alone :)

Ocean Girl said...

Happy 14th Birthday Lacey Hall. And congratulations to the proud Grandma.

Jill said...

OH, your three beautiful grandbabies! Wonderful! And, Happy Birthday to Lacey!

linda said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful Lacey, what a doll!

I want to be a grandmother in the worst way. I just keep telling myself "all in due time Linda, all in due time!"

Tasha said...

Happy Birthday to Lacey! You have beautiful grandchildren!

Noni at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Oh, my goodness, Nanny! What a wonderful Mother's Day!! Happy late birthday to Lacey. Lila is growing like a little weed; hope she is feeling better. Little Man has a bad cough and is going to the doctor tomorrow morning. Your grandbabies are beautiful!!