Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Blizzard Watch

Hello, hello!
I am still alive and kicking! ha   Three months have passed without a post.  I truly got out of the habit. I tried to check in occasionally but that didn't work very well either.  No excuses, just got busy and had lots of fun.
I'll fill you in as time goes by but for today let's talk Christmas and Blizzard!

We were placed under a severe winter weather watch on Christmas Eve with possibility of blizzard.  I had to laugh at that cause I had windows up while cooking dinner.  It was so hot.  Yesterday afternoon I wasn't laughing.  Around 3 PM it started to rain mixed with sleet.  By 4 PM our power was out.  Just after dark the blizzard arrived. Hubby drove down the road to see if anyone had power and when he returned his tracks were already filled with snow.  It was brutal.  No heat all night and the gas logs decided to go on strike during the outage.  Got pretty cool during the night but with lots of blankets on the bed, we survived.  My only worry was where will my morning coffee come from.  Hubby (electrician) thought the situation over during the night and bypassed something and turned something off....etc, etc and got the lights and outlets on by 7:30 this morning....whew.  Coffee, but no heat.  I can survive that.  With 200,000 people without electricity I didn't have much hope for it but miraculously the power was on by noon.  "Good Job Entergy"

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.  We certainly did.  The family was all here for Christmas Eve.  We had a delicious dinner then opened presents.  Little ones sure make Christmas special.

It seems like yesterday that Lacey and Jackson were toddlers and now look at them.
16 and

Lila is 3 years 4 months old and Brooks is 7 1/2 months.....I'm afraid to blink or they will be 16 and 13.

We tried to get a group photo and let me tell you that is no easy task.  Photographers earn every penny they charge to get little ones to look at the camera and be still......

Lila was so interested in Lacey's pretty hair that she could care less about looking at the camera.  Then she ran off. Lots of exploring to do in Nanny's yard.  She calls it going on an adventure.  (yes, straight from Jake and the Neverland Pirates)

With 3 adults trying to arrange them and snap shots quickly we did manage to get one or two good ones

These are our first shots of the four of them together.  Can you imagine how thrilled I am to have these pictures.  Time goes by so fast that you just have to stop and capture it for all time.

Such a fun day.  

Tomorrow (or soon)  I will show you the blizzard photos.


Amanda said...

Sooooo glad you're back! You have been missed in blog land! Glad you all had a merry Christmas! Hope you have a happy new year, too. :-)

It's Just Dottie said...

I have missed you so much. I can tell you had a happy and exciting

Deb said...

They are beautiful ... Hope you had a wonderful Christmas... Nice to have you back

Mona said...

good to see you Nanny....hope you are here to stay a while. :-)

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Sooooo glad to see you back!!! I know all about the busy-ness and fun that can take you away... but, I hope you'll carve some time to keep us "posted". ;)

Oh, where do I start? Your grands are just so very, very precious!! I know your heart was just singing having them all there for Christmas!! I can't believe how fast they are all growing up... all of them.

Wishing you the warmest, wonderful hopes for 2013!! blessings ~ tanna

Anonymous said...

Fantabulously beautiful family, Nanny! Mine is already 5 years old & I can't believe that, either!

Nope, we're not buried in snow! The forecast showed us smack dab in the middle, but somehow we escaped it! We got about 3 inches & altho the wind howled all Christmas night, there were no blizzard conditions. LoL!
I kept saying, "I'll believe it when I see it!" LoL!

Glad your electric is back on... ya'll be careful trudging around in all that snow... did it freeze overnight? It did here, got down to 20 last night.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Nanny! Yes, those are great photos of the grandkids. How quickly they grow up! I am so glad we in Hawaii don't have blizzards, though there is snow on top of the mountains on the Big Island. Yes, snow in Hawaii. Imagine that!

Carrie Bledsoe said...

Lovely Christmas photos! You all look great! =)

It didn't snow on Christmas here in KY but we saw snow the very next day. My family members in Ohio had a pretty bad snow storm as well. They were snowed in.

I hope you have a happy New Year!


Solar Powered said...

Love your new header picture. I can't believe it's all over. IT was so much fun. Thank you for everything.

Betsy Adams said...

Your grandchildren are GORGEOUS.... They do grow up FAST for sure.

Tammy said...

Good thing the blizzard didn't hit until after your Christmas Eve gathering or you wouldn't have had those photos at all. Little ones sure do make the holidays special! Best wishes to you and yours, Tammy

Kay said...

These are such gorgeous family photos. I have photos plastering my file cabinet and walls. They always lift my spirits. You have photos here that are sure bring a smile to your face everyday.

Jill from Killeny Glen said...

HI there! So glad to see you and just KNEW you were living LIFE! The kids are WONDERFUL!