Sunday, September 30, 2012

Happy Flowers

Cooler temperatures and rain have brought everything back to life.  I thought I had lost all of my flowers and there was no doubt about my little garden.  Was I ever wrong.  The roses and lantanas have never been prettier.  The pepper plants in the garden turned green, started blooming and soon (if it doesn't freeze) I will have fresh peppers. 

It is such a blessing to have the drought of 2012 behind us! Whew, it was brutal.

Have a wonderful Sunday, all.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Vacation to remember!

I'm back.

From where you say?

Back in front (odd choice of words) of my computer.  I have not sat here in weeks. 

September seemed to be a flash.  First the preparation for a family reunion held at our house.  Work, cooking, repeat!

Then I actually got away from it all for 5 wonderful days.  I have to warn you about the pictures to follow (several) but I have some that I need to share.  I'll try to be brief.

In years past, we always went to Seaside, Seagrove area in June, July or August.  Hot weather, hot sand, crowded beaches, crowded restaurants, slow traffic, fun, uh? 

I have a secret to let you in on........GO IN SEPTEMBER!  Temperatures in the low 80's, very few people on the beaches, no waiting at restaurants, NO TRAFFIC! 

  I enjoyed my morning coffee listening to the waves and watching the sunrise.

Later in the morning, we brought the chairs, etc and picked the perfect spot.....It was all ours for the choosing.

The beach was a perfect place for Lila to run about.  And run she did.  That girl played so hard all day jumping waves and running in and out of the water that she was more than ready to go to bed in the evening.
(I was too, ha)

Mr B got his toes in the sand for the first time.  He enjoyed nice long naps in the tent.  That ocean breeze does it every time.

My son in law did all of the cooking.  I think I fried some bacon one morning and that was the extent of it.
I always new he was good but never realized just how good til this week.  We had a shrimp boil one night that we loved so much he repeated it the next night.  He made fresh crab cakes (his Nana's recipe) that melted in your mouth.  Oh how  I love crab cakes!  When he didn't cook we partook of the happy hour specials: $5.00/dozen raw oysters!  Another love of mine.  OK, I'm ready to go back now!

One evening we had a mini photo shoot at sunset.  Just look at this sweet family.......

And since I have been accused of never putting a picture of me on here, I will share the girls shot.

This shot is one of my favorites.  It depicts the beauty and the solitude of my vacation.
Can you tell how much I enjoyed the week.   I needed it.  Thank you for letting Nanny join you on your getaway.

I leave you with a sunset that was so pretty it  didn't seem real.  I opened all of these shots on photo shop and thought wow, no edits needed!  The scenery spoke for itself.