Friday, June 26, 2009

All Day Job!

I had put this job off as long as I could! It was beginning to look like no one lived here. Let me just say that the weeds are thriving! Hot and Dry doesn't bother them in the least! It was a really hard day but I got it mowed, weedeated, raked, even had to weed eat a rather large bed in the center of yard that STILL needs mulch. After all that I got out the pump up sprayer, poured in some strong herbicide my husband got from a farmer friend and proceeded to spray. OK, done, sit down by pool, in the shade and read for a little while,,,,NOT gonna happen. The itching and pin prickly feeling started on my feet, spread to ankles, on up legs. Scratched, scratched, scratched, take a bath, take a benedryl, sit back down. Wait a few minutes, NO RELIEF. By then I am about to take my skin off scratching so hard. Take another bath, take another benedryl, and wait. Gets somewhat better. Got out the Aloe After Sun Gel and used half a bottle, the coolness seemed to help. Finally got better, but the bad thing is, I don't know what caused it. Weedeating or spraying. I will dress for the occasion next time. Shorts and flip flops just aren't appropriate.
Today I am staying indoors. I think a manicure is called for and maybe read awhile, cause I am still tired.
Hope you all have a good Friday!


Patty said...

Probably both caused it, but I would think the spray more then the weed eater, unless the weed eater was throwing a lot of debris back on you. I wear long jeans even in the heat, I hate itching. Some sparys are so strong, just the smell almost makes some people sick, you should check to see what is in it, you may be allergic to it.

nanny said...

I think you are right Patty, probably both! It was a new spray for me, I usually use Roundup plus there were a lot of weeds and they did land on my legs. Whatever it was, it was bad!

Jill said...

Hope you are FULLY recovered from the ITCH! Nasty business!
I bet your yard looks wonderful despite the dryness! WHAT IS IT with weeds thriving in drought...SO UGLY! Hubby goes nuts when the weeds start winning over grass at The Glen...I think he is out there right now cursing their existence!!!!

the ungourmet said...

Not fun at all! Hope you're feeling better now! Did you get to have your manicure?

Those burgers are zippy aren't they!

cindy said...

sure hope you are feeling better by now.

I never have told you, but I love your Good Life sign! How did you do it?

nanny said...

Hey all, I am feeling fine, got my manicure and am staying cool! My Good Life sign is a picture my daughter made while in Key West. It was a little restaurant, and she thought of my blog when she saw it!