Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I Want A Choice!!

Last week I was in Wal Mart buying groceries and the isles were filled with workers...Ok, nothing wrong with that. I thought they were just rearranging as they were stocking shelves. They usually put the store brand stuff at eye level and move the name brands to the lower shelves....but that was not the case! They have removed almost all brands and are forcing one to buy the Wal Mart brand of "Everything". Food and nonfood items....I got the last bottle of Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce, to be replaced with some sort of "thick worcestershire" Don't think so!
Today I went in our local grocery store for a few items and the same thing was happening. All brands removed and only Best Choice brand on shelves. I bought their vinegar, I mean vinegar is vinegar, but I want my French's Mustard, my Heinz Ketchup and even my Hunts Diced Tomatoes. I think store brands are great if you choose to buy them but taking my choice away from me makes me furious.. The loss of my business won't hurt them I am sure but I will shop where I have a choice from now on! I realize that many items are made in the same factory and put in different brand boxes but that is not my point!!! I'll be willing to bet that they charge the higher price we were paying for the brands, for the store brand now!

Wow I am glad I got that off my chest! ha
Have a good evening!!! We are having floods of rain here!


Sunny said...

I consider myself a frugal shopper. A coupon clipper, etc. The grocery stores here also seem to promote their own brand at a slight savings. I have found there is only one problem...some of their items, in plain English...stink! I fine this especially true of their paper goods.
What really ticks me off is that a lot of times their packaging is so similar to the national brands, and if your not paying close attention you buy the wrong thing!
Sunny :)

Solar Powered said...

That's just wrong, I don't like them to take away my options! Albertson's brand refried beans (vegetarian version) are by far the best refried beans. Yes, I'm a burrito girl and have tried them all and delicate palate Brewmaster agrees. Other than that, I'm a name brand person probably due to you.

Jill said...

I have noticed this as well. I wanted a particular brand of molasses for some yummy cookies and they had "done away with" all but the store brand. WHAT!?!? I know (cause I tried the store brand) that it is NOT the same.

If they get rid of my peanut butter this girl is going to have a temper tantrum RIGHT IN THAT STORE!

Pam said...

Not cool at all. I won't be shopping there.

Alison said...

There are many things that I will go generic on, but many food items are NOT the case. We don't sacrifice taste in our house and HEINZ ketchup is a must have! I tried to buy the store brand stewed tomatoes and they were BAD. It was back to Hunts where I buy them in bulk at Sams (as well as the Heinz ketchup).
I haven't noticed our Walmart doing that, but I will watch for it.
I have to have my Hidden Valley Lite Ranch dressing too.

Nishant said...

I have noticed this as well. I wanted a particular brand of molasses for some yummy cookies and they had "done away with" all but the store brand.
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