Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ride Boldly Ride!

Yesterday, while I was cleaning one of my all time favorite movies was on...

I had to stop and watch it again. This to me is John Wayne at his best.

"Mitchum was memorably paired with John Wayne in El Dorado, with the Duke playing a gun for hire who comes to the aid of broken-down sheriff Mitchum. Seems Mitchum, once a handy man with a gun, is now the laughingstock of the town because he's taken to drink over a woman who left him. Of course, you never see the woman in question. At film's end, Wayne is on his way to the local madam and Mitchum is left on his own, but it's the friendship between the two men which matters. How else could it be in a Howard Hawks film? Newcomer James Caan plays the knife-throwing Mississippi, capably filling the need for a sexy younger man. Don't miss the bath scene with Mitchum finally cleaning up, and everyone in town dropping by to bring him a bar of soap."

If you haven't seen this, rent it, settle back and enjoy. You'll fall in love with the
, James Caan!

In sunshine and In shadow
I journeyed long
Singing a song
In search of ElDorado
Over the mountains of the moon
Ride Boldy Ride
In search of ElDorado.



Joyce said...

James Caan was so young then. Why don't you link with Lori (see my post yesterday)today as her subject this month is favorite movies.

Lori E said...

Thanks you for linking in and also to Joyce for suggesting it.
We all have a favorite movie and for what ever reasons we can watch them over and over again. On a bad day they can make us feel better. When we are feeling nostalgic they can comfort us. They can make us think deeply or not at all.
James Caan is one of the actors from that time that I really like. I have never been a fan of John Wayne though. He seems the same in every movie to me. But then I guess that is what his appeal was. A solid hulk of a man that people could rely on.
Great choice although any thing is better than cleaning.

Jill said...

I SOOOOO want my boys to watch this! They would love it...the movies they watch are so HIGH TECH and full of stunts I fear they cannot appreciate a CLASSIC!!!

mbkatc230 said...

I've not seen this. My favorite John Wayne movie is "The Quiet Man". I'm not a huge western buff, but I may rent this and give it a try. I do love James Caan, and did not realize he was in this. Thanks for the review! Kathy

Solar Powered said...

I don't think I've ever watched a John Wayne Movie.

Deb said...

oh we love John Wayne...watched North to Alaska yesterday...3 of our dogs are named from John Wayne movies....he's the best ever...McClintock is my all time favorite

Anonymous said...

Great movie, yes, but I LOVE RIO BRAVO, but then again, I'm a sucker for anything Dean Martin!!! I know he's dead & gone, but WHOA, I love that man

Patty said...

They don't make movies like they use to and it seems we don't have the actors like we use to have.

Pam said...

My mother LOVES John Wayne.