Monday, January 5, 2009

The Batchelor

And so it begins again,,,,,another round of reality TV. I am actually looking forward to this one, Jason was my pick last season from the first show! Let me know who you like (or don't) after tonight.

Hope this first Monday of the new year is a good one for all. Forecast is sleet for us, that means chili tonight.


Alison said...

great minds think alike! i have chili cooking on the stove and am looking forward to the drama of the bachelor!!

Solar Powered said...

I'm all about it. Can't wait!

nanny said...

Must be a family thing! ha

Jill said...

Hi Nanny! Thanks for stopping by my blog!
I think I will join you tonight and put on some chili! We are getting freezing rain right now and it is miserable out there!
Your sweet Trixie is adorable!