Friday, January 9, 2009


This picture does not do justice to the mess I really have with my chargers. I put most of them in a drawer in the kitchen and then they get tangled up and impossible to separate. I mean I have a charger for almost everything I use,,,,,even my toothbrush!
Where do you keep yours? Do they get tangled up? I need help.
About the bad picture, I am working on that. I am studying (for the second time) a great book by Scott Kelby, The Digital Photography Book, that Solar gave me for Christmas 2007. This time I am taking notes and referring to my Canon Manual for more explanation, when he says things like set your shutter priority or shoot at your lens' sharpest aperture, hello I am a beginner.
I will conquer this camera!!!! I promise, stay tuned.
Off to watch season finale of Lipstick Jungle! My Favorite show! I only hope NBC brings it back again next year! Please!

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