Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cold, Cold Day

Beautiful sunrise to a very cold day. We had snow flurries this morning but it ended quickly and no freezing on roads,,,yeah!
Got a call this morning from Solar as she was going to sit by the pool. The trip to Santiago went well, they have a day to rest before next flight to Remota. Just broke in on TV about plane crash into Hudson River at New York, gave me chills to think about that. Sounds like pilot did an awesome job of landing in river and rescues were made in minutes. It is nice to hear reporters bragging on a good job for a change. There is so much good in the world, I just wish it would get reported instead of all BAD!
Got my chicken simmering and ready to add the dumplings! Have a good evening all.


Jill said...

YES! So glad to hear the crash in NY had a happy ending!
Wow, your your chicken and dumplings on a freezing cold day...that is COMFORT food and sounds delicious!

Solar Powered said...

that is a beautiful picture. when i get home will you come to dallas and make me chicken and dumplings? im real meal for two days but thats about to change in an hour!