Wednesday, July 29, 2009


When I was very young my family taught me to play canasta, as it was The Game! I have such great memories of my brother and I going down the street to our grandparents house and playing canasta all evening. Then through the years the foursome became dad, brother, sister in law and me. Mom thought the games lasted too long! Well this week I have been moving some of my dad's books, etc from my stepmother's house in preparation to sell and when I opened the drawer on the coffee table this is what I found;

It took my breath away! I haven't seen this tray for so many years that it shocked me when I saw it. For those of you who play canasta you recognize this tray. Even the cards that were in it were ones we played with many times. What a fun game it is and I have not even taught my girls to play. I have dropped the ball on this tradition and really need to teach them. Late in my grandad's life, you could go in his house and hear him talking or laughing and he was there alone. We would ask, "granddaddy who are you talking to"? (He was sitting at a card table with 4 hands dealt) He replied "well I am playing for mr. north, south, east, and west, and mr. north is cheating"!!!! He was having fun all by himself. That is how much he loved to play canasta.

Do any of you know how to play? We also had many hours of fun playing rook. I don't think families play cards as much as we did years ago. It is sad too because we talked, laughed and spent time together. I miss it!

Time to start dinner, Chicken and Dumplings tonight, yum, yum!
Have a good evening all!


Solar Powered said...

#1 - I can't wait to learn. I love to play games and just can't ever find anyone to play. Guess I need to invite N, S, E and W over!

#2 - Will you make me chicken and dumplings after we bring Lila home? Yum!

nanny said...

Chicken and dumplings it is!

A Stitch In Thyme said...

Oh my gosh I haven't played canasta in probably 24 maybe 25 years!! What a find. You need to grab some friends and make them sit down with you to play, for old times sake. :)

Betsy said...

I've never played! Love the story of you finding the cards...what a neat thing!

Alison said...

I thought dad taught me how to play until you mentioned rock. I think it was actually rock that I LOVED to play. I just added Canasta to my bucket list after learning that story about Mr. N, S,E and W. Perhaps, I'm related to Mr. North and came by it honestly all this time. :)

The Mrs. said...

No idea! Teach us!

Sunny said...

I remember my parents playing Canasta years ago. I don't know how to play!
Sunny :)

Tricia said...

Oh, this has brought tears to my eyes! YES! We played cards when I was little at my grandparents house in St Louis, but we played rummy. I never knew how to play canasta. Oh but we had soooo much fun - I remember sitting around the kitchen table w/ g'ma playing rummy & g'pa would be watching a Cardinals game on TV & listening to it on the radio! hehehe
Then when I played w/ g'pa, g'ma would be fixing something up in the kitchen! I miss them SOOOO SOOOOO SOOOO MUCH!
Thank you for this post - great great memories!

Technonana said...

I remember this!! My mom and dad played every week at some relative or friends house... I never learned how... and yes I recognize the dish!!What fun memories!!
I love chicken and dumplins!!!
Papa and I had a young man who came to live with us for awhile... his two favorite things that I cooked were chicken and dumplins and string bean casserole!!
Makes me kinda sad when I think about it... I don't know where he is now.

Jill said...

Your Grandaddy sounds sooo sweet and fun loving! GREAT memories!

My parents play Canasta but I never learned...I should as my boys LOVE to play cards. Rook was a big game at our family reunions with more than one table playing at a time.

deedee said...

It's been so long since I played Canasta - I had forgotten all about that game. Wonderful memories!