Thursday, March 31, 2011


Yes in the blink of an eye my knee went one way and my body chose to go the other way!!!  The pain took me to the ground.  Luckily my husband was with me and got me in the house.  Based on the pain, I thought I had done major damage.  My local Dr., after x-rays (no bone damage), told me everything I already knew. 

1. Rest
2. Ice
3. Compression
4. Elevation

Better known as "Rice"

He feels that I strained, stretched, blah, blah, blah the interior  collateral ligament.
I now look like this:
I don't literally look like this legs aren't  shapely like these!

No fun at all.  I don't take well to sitting down for very long spells....gotta keep moving.  I did rest yesterday (because I was hurting so badly)  but today I have found ways to move.

I can walk if I squat......can't straighten the knee, that's where the pain is!  But do you know how sore squats make you?  Try walking like that for an extended period of time.....oh my!

Other option is to use the crutches.  Have you ever been on crutches?  They are not easy to master and have made me hurt in several more places.....arms, underarms, ribcage.

Everything has a positive side if you look for it.  Mine is that I am getting a workout, or my left leg and rear are....ha

Have a good day all....It's ice time, gotta go!  


Jill from Killeny Glen said...

OH NO! I hate to read this.
Prayers for SPEEDY recovery/diminshed pain for you. You need to be doing "your thang" and not hobbling around!
So sorry!

tootie said...

Oh my!! Hope you feel better soon!

Betsy said...

nanny~! How awful! I'm so sorry! Stop moving around...just blog! lol.

big hugs to you!

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Oh, Nanny! I am soooo sorry that your knee is hurt. I will say prayers for a very speedy recovery. Now, we'll be seeing you blog more for awhile!! ;) Hugs ~ tanna

Farmchick said...


Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Oh, no! I've torn and broke every meniscus in both knees, so I know how bad knee pain is :(
In time all will be better --just give yourself the opportunity to rest and RICE.

[[ hugs}}

Amanda said...

Oh, Nanny! I hope your knee feels better soon! Sending recovery hugs your way.

MarieElizabeth said...

I hope it heals quickly. I've spent some time down like that as well, ughh, it's so frustrating. Good luck!

Mr. Bill said...

Ahh, more time for blogging! :)

Get well soon!

Alison said...

Yesterday must have been the day for falls! Caden and I both took one at the furniture store. I had him in one arm and the stroller in the other. I tripped over the stroller when it was wet and we all went down! Thankfully, My elbow took the biggest hit and C was fine. Glad you didn't break anything during your fall.

Grandmother said...

RICE is not just good medicine, it's a good time out to do the things you don't get to usually. Heal well.

Pat - Arkansas said...

Oh, mercy! I'm sorry about the knee. Mine creak and groan, and snap-crackle-pop, but so far have held me up. Hope you get better soon soon.

Deb said...

you can't keep a good girl down....hope it heals quickly..

Marguerite said...

So sorry to hear about your knee injury. I had to use crutches for six weeks once, when I fell off a roof and broke my foot. Definitely not fun. Wishing you a speedy recovery!