Monday, July 19, 2010

Under 350 Calories!

I love cookbooks! I know that you can find any recipe you want on the internet but I still am a pushover for a new and different cookbook. I love to sit and look at really old ones that belonged to my mother. I hope that someday mine will be enjoyed by my grandchildren and their grandchildren......

I have been intrigued by Rocco's remake of comfort foods. When I saw him on Dr. Oz last week cooking Faux-Fried Onion Rings with Smoky Mayo, I decided that I wanted his new book, "Now Eat This". He took onion rings from 124g Fat, 1837 Calories to 4.7g Fat and 342 Calories by using panko, egg whites, skim milk, whole-wheat flour and baking until crisp. If you haven't seen this cookbook yet, he takes 150 comfort food recipes and takes them all under 350 calories. I can't wait to gather some ingredients and give these a try!

Tonight I will definitely make his recipe for "Not Your Mama's Ranch Dressing"

Fat 19g ...reduced to 1.7g

Calories 180...reduced to 29

To top his Cobb Salad recipe

Fat 71g.....reduced to 11.3g

Calories 1,090...reduced to 235

I will keep the reduction of fat and calories a secret from my husband.......I mean I want him to eat dinner/ha He likes chef salad but the amount of Ranch or Thousand Isle he uses defeats the purpose.......

I'll let you know tomorrow how it turns out.

For more about Rocco and the new book, you can visit his site here!

From his site:
In this delectable cookbook, award-winning chef Rocco DiSpirito transforms America's favorite comfort foods into deliciously healthy dishes-all with zero bad carbs, zero bad fats, zero sugar, and maximum flavor. What's more, Rocco provides time-saving shortcuts, helpful personal advice, and nutritional breakdowns for each recipe from a board-certified nutritionist. So prepare your favorite foods without the guilt. Finally, a world-class chef has made healthy food taste great! "
The weeks seem to fly by and I don't have time to sit still and compose my thoughts to post....I do check in and try to read as many as I can though....forgive me, I am thinking of all of you as I mow, run errands, pay bills, cook, swim (not nearly enough) have company, go fishing....etc.....
Have a good Monday!


Julie Harward said...

Sounds like a good one, I should read it! :D

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Nanny did you read my blogs posts about winning a culinary trip to LA (with other bloggers) and meeting Rocco? We had a wine tasting small bites dinner with him at the Four seasons Hotel and he signed this cookbook for us. He's such a sweetheart!

It's Just Dottie said...

I will check out his cookbook at Barnes and Noble. I like cookbook reading also... my husband would see me reading them and say just because you read the recipe doesn't mean you cooked it !!He loved to eat new things.

Gypsy Heart said...

Oh, I love cookbooks! I have so many but always find another one I think I should have. :-) This sounds like a great way to reduce fat & calories.

Thanks for stopping by too and for the info re: the ice cream. I appreciate it!

Have a wonderful week ~

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Thanks, Nanny... Guess I need to get that cookbook... I'm always trying to cut calories ---and NEED to.

Betsy said...

That looks like a fun book! Can't wait to hear how you like the recipes!

Marguerite said...

Looks like a fabulous cookbook, and such wonderful recipes. I will look for it! Thanks for the great review!

Alison said...

do you have the cooks illustrated cook books? i love mine! I've learned so much from it.

Rose said...

sounds like a very usable book