Thursday, April 30, 2009

Big Bear

I started this post to show you Big Bear and then the flood came! In a matter of minutes we had water everywhere. That steady stream running across the picture is water running OVER my gutter. My gutter is just worthless. It makes me really mad every time it rains. Tried to tell the gutter man that we needed larger gutter due to the pitch of the roof but NO he did what he wanted and it is a waste.

OK back to Big Bear. My husband was on a hunting trip in Colorado and saw a man making the neatest bear carvings on the side of the road. He stopped to ask about buying one of the bears and he said they were sold but he could make him one in one hour. He did not believe him. The man said go get some lunch, come back and I'll have you one. Well 55 minutes later he had Big Bear done. The amazing part of this is he makes them out of ponderosa pine trees with a chain saw!!! Big Bear is one piece of wood.....that was one big tree...I can't even move him. We pressure wash him occasionally and then I paint him with linseed oil.

The next year he came home with Little Bear. And from then on the man was not there. I think he retired with all the money he was making per He sure was talented with that chain saw!

Have a good evening all.


Jill said...

Wow, those bears are impressive and with a chainsaw? I am amazed at the talents of others!

What a rain you had! We have had a couple of days of rain and I am ready for the sun to shine...everything is getting nice and green though so I am thankful for the rain!

Solar Powered said...

I never knew that about the bears...don't think I've ever even seen little bear!

Happy Birthday Nanny!!!!!!!

Alison said...

happy b'day!! our news was showing a man carving out of the storm debris stumps.
so impressive!

cindy said...

What a shame the man with the saw isn't there anymore. You need to have a mama bear and Goldilocks!!

Betsy said...

Love the bear!

As for the rain...I can completely sympathize! We're getting more today! Thankfully, my errands are done!

Joyce said...

So cute and thanks for stopping at my blog today. I have little bear on my patio from Boyds Bear and it is a weather vane. Think you can view him on one of my first posts with Pink spring flowers. I love bears so thanks for sharing with me. I will visit again.