Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What's your Brand?

Yes I will admit it, I am totally partial to Pillsbury! Always have been! I mean with rolls like this why not?

I even have a couple of cake mixes in the pantry!

I believe I mailed in box tops years ago and got Solar all of the doughboy toys, and she loved them.

What's in your pantry?
Have a good day all!


Betsy said...

My younger sister has one of those doughboy dolls! Your rolls look yummy! I can almost smell them! Mmmm!

Solar Powered said...

oh my gosh, i did love those guys...i totally forgot about him. i always buy pillsbury.

Jill said...

ANY baked good attracts me....we love Pillsbury too...those rolls look delectable!!!!!

grammy said...

That is no fair....making us all want a hot roll...with butter. Last night I was worn out from three days of Grandchildren and daycare and wanted hubby to take me to Panera Bread so I could have soup and BREAD. It just calls to you sometimes (o: