Thursday, April 9, 2009

Full Moon

Last night I looked outside just before dark and the moon was just gorgeous!

I usually toss and turn all night when the moon is full, but not last night. I sleep so good when I can raise the windows. It was so nice yesterday and I had all the windows up, so in spite of the full moon I slept great. Does the moon bother your sleep? I will try for an hour to go to sleep then I go to my chair and read. I enjoy a good book in the middle of the night sometimes. Tonight might be a reading night, if we have power, storms forecast for the night, hail, gusty winds!!!

Have a good evening all!


Betsy said...

Gorgeous shots! I especially love that deep dark blue of the night sky!

Rosy said...

How do you manage to keep your camera so still?
Night before last it was also a great full moon night and so I went out with my camera in hand and took aim then shoot, I was aiming for the clouds to be the moon's backdrop. I was so excited until I upload my pictures and wow what a great disappointment to only discovered what was a good shots they all turn out to be nothing more than a big blurry shot. :(

Thank you for visiting my Kaleidoscope blog, I have a tool call the Kaleidoscope that allows me to make these designs, however I tend to aimed for more special features than just the plain bland looking kaleidoscopes...I will explain in better detail in my next posting there.

Have a Great Easter Weekend and lets hope for a Sunny Easter Day!

linda said...

What beautiful pictures of the moon! Glad you were able to get some sleep last night...lets hope it continues tonight!

Jill said...

Great photos! SOOOOO beautiful.
I can sleep MOST nights (unless I drink regular coffee ;)

Leslie said...

The pictures of the moon were awesome.
I do not sleep well when the moon is full and sometimes when it isn't full ??
Have a happy Easter.

nikkicrumpet said...

I was coming home from work and about drove off the road staring at the was so BIG! I didn't think to capture any pictures of it. I'm glad you did!