Friday, January 29, 2010

Baby It's Cold Outside!

We woke up to a wonderland, but it isn't snow, yes you guessed it, it's ICE! Snow is in the forecast for later today. An inch of ice followed by snow = stay inside for me. The wind is blowing and it is unbearable outdoors.

I did make a quick trip to the bird feeders as they were empty. I barely got inside and the birds were enjoying a meal. I love the cardinals. Their beauty with snow as a backdrop never ceases to be my favorite picture.

I saw a color as I scanned the tree with my zoom lens and got a laugh out of this one. My husband told me to tie the line for feeder to a stick or rock and throw it over a branch to tie to....Good Idea! I had my scissors in my hand so I decided to use them....! They caught on the limb and have been there for a year...and they were my new sharp pretty ones....ha

Big flakes are falling now and it is so pretty...hope we keep power through this!!

I want to thank Wendy at A Southern Accent for my new header, I love it!

Have a good day all, I'm off to snap a few pics, too cold to snap many at a time!



Love Being a Nonny said...

Oh I HOPE we don't get the ice. It's one thing to get snow, but the ice is scary to me!! Stay inside where it is warm and have a great weekend! Thanks for visiting my blog!

Noni at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

LOL! Nanny, your story with the scissors in the tree sounds like something that would happen to me!! Your cardinal photos are wonderful! And, I love your new header. Very nice! Stay warm!

Deb said...

my husband tried to get a photo of a cardinal for me yesterday...but it kept flying off...boy it looks cold there...we've had a ton of rain the last couple of days...and it is cold...thankgoodness no snow or ice

Betsy said...

It's pretty...from inside! ha! The cardinals always look great against the white! Stay warm! The the new look over here!

KBeau said...

Love the new header. Do you actually own those forks that are pictured in the header? They look similar to some inlaid silver that I inherited from a great aunt and uncle.

Alison said...

Grandaddy was going to put more bird food in the feeders tonight so the snow would cover his tracks in the morning. They were enjoying the cardinals too.

Amanda said...

Love the pictures of the cardinals. I was looking out my kitchen window while talking on the phone with Noni this morning, and I saw cardinals everywhere, too! She kept trying to get me to take pictures, but I was certain that by the time I got all my gear, they would be long gone. I'll just enjoy yours instead. =)

Speaking of photos, we're taking a beginner course (The Basics of the Canon Digital Rebel) through It's been a lot to process, but at least now I know how to better use some of the features of my camera. I just need practice, practice, practice.

Are you cooking up anything yummy to get you through the cold? I just had Jerry run to the store to get a few things so that I can make a tortilla soup that is scrumptious. Our snowfall is supposed to hit tonight. Hopefully it won't be as much as we got just before Christmas. The last of the snow in our front yard just melted last week! Crazy!

Solar Powered said...

Wow Nanny, those pictures are awesome. You are getting so good! We need to take Amanda's photog course. Wish I was there. We got 3 snowflakes tonight and I got excited :)

Jill said...

I love the new header too! Wonderful.

Your cardinals are so pretty. I know the birds appreciate your going out in the cold to feed them!

We are having BITTER cold temps but NO SNOW, if we are gonna have cold I want snow too. Stay warm and I REALLY HOPE you do NOT lose power!