Sunday, January 3, 2010

Snow Day Photos

What a surprise to open the blinds this morning...
Snow Day! After a quick breakfast I had to get outside! I love to walk in the peaceful quiet of new fallen snow.

Anyone for iceskating?

Uh Oh! Someone left the lid open on the fish cooker last night! Anyone for fried snow? Hey it could happen...I've seen fried icecream on the menu! Never ordered it but wonder how it tastes.

Sorry little birds this fountain is shut down til further notice!

Pine Cones just glow in the snow!

Look at the outline drawn by the falling snow? It's perfect. As is all in nature.

It is still falling at 3:30....I just went out and made this one. It's so pretty.

I love a good snowday! Leftover chili and a good movie!

Stay warm all...



Alison said...

Ours quit falling after this morning so we are left with a heavy dusting now.

Solar Powered said...

oh,i wish i was there. so serene! the snow is pretty but the upcoming long days of January have me longing for the long sunny hot days of June!

tootie said...

The snow looks so pretty!

Deb said...

beautiful the icecycles hanging from the house...fried snow...may start a trend

Amanda said...

What a wonderful collection of photos. I'm glad you got to enjoy your day surrounded by such beauty.

Jill said...

Pretty photos!
I used to love fried ice cream...I recall it to be deliciously cinnamon!

We have EXTRA frigid temps here...suppose to be in the low teens all week. VERY COLD!!

Stay warm!

Betsy said...

Beautiful! I love to wake up to a surprise snowfall! Chili and a movie sounds wonderful!

grammy said...

Great snow pictures
I am tired of it here
Thanks for the bread tie tips
I can't wait to go check it out

Noni at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Beautiful photos, Nanny! I know it was a wonderful walk in the quiet beauty. I am really, really, really ready for it to warm up! LOL! But, the chili and movie would definitely make the cold fun!

Yes! You need to check out Skype! =)