Saturday, September 11, 2010

Flea Market Fun

And they weren't lying!

I could have spent an entire afternoon in this quaint fleamarket!

Row after row of so much stuff to look at. It was hard to focus! ha
I was with my husband so I had to browse in a hurry, before he found me and said "ready to go"?

When I found the table with the tin sucret box, I had to pause and reflect!
I always had a box of sucrets in my purse in high school...I mean always! I kept a sore throat from cheering at games and sucrets were the only thing that saved me.

What does one do with the empty boxes you say? Well they were perfect for keeping clippies and roller pics in! Those were the days of dippity do and brush rollers. The pics left an indention on your scalp from digging in!!!! The clippies were for your little side curl on your cheek...give it a twirl and hold with clippie or scotch tape...but that hurt when you pulled it off. Plus tape left your face red where it had been/ha Oh me those were the days!

I'm going back to this place soon and ALONE to spend all the time I want.
I'll show you more from this trip on Flea Market II.



Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh My ---sucrets and dippity do..... Do I remember them???? That's what is so neat about flea markets... They bring back so many memories!!!!

Cute post, Nanny.

Betsy said...

brush rollers and dippity do! Oh my...that takes me back! :)

Solar Powered said...

ooooooo, i want to go. where is it? You still had your bobby pins and clips in a sucrets box when I was little...I remember it!

nanny said...

It was in Mtn. View...I had so much fun.

Can't believe you remember the boxes...wish I still had them/ha

It's Just Dottie said...

Oh I wish I could go back with you! That is my kind of shopping. My hummingbirds are back, also.
Your photos of them were just wonderful. They have been putting on a show in my backyard and there are more of them this year!

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Southern Lady said...

Oh, I wish I could go back with you, too ... and I promise I wouldn't say, "Ready to go?"

I love Mountain View!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Fun post, nanny -- I do remember Dippity Do and Sucrets!

My husband begins to yawn the moment I walk into a store unless it's a food store. Then he's wide awake! lol

Amanda said...

Jerry would rather saw his own arm off than join me at a flea market. And so it is better that I fly solo to those little adventures, too. Looks like this one is a real gem! Can't wait to see more from your next trip.

Marguerite said...

Looks like my kind of place! Oh yes, I remember the dippity do and brush rollers, too!! My number one rule in life is NEVER to go shopping with a man unless it's for jewelry! lol

julie said...

Nanny, I am soooo with you! I love antique shopping! I rarely get to spend much time doing it though because I also have the husband who doesn't last more than about 5 minutes in a situation like that. It looks like you made some good finds!

Jill said...

I would love to go here and just walk and look and walk and look...and MAYBE buy a little something!!

And yes...I would NOT take Hubbie with me!

Deb said...

what fun...I remember dippity doo...

Alison said...

I"m looking for vintage sports equipment. Did they have any?

Faith said...

I could literally spend days in a place like that, just poring over everything! Looks like they had some great vintage stuff!

lindsaydenice said...

yes please!! ;)