Saturday, May 23, 2009

The happy Mom and Dad to be,

All little girls need to support the Hogs!

My Girls! Aren't they sweet?

It was a perfect day in Fayetteville, Arkansas for a baby shower. It is so much fun for friends and family to gather for such a sweet occasion. Mom and Dad got so many great gifts, that they will put to good use very soon. I can't wait to see all of these beautiful gifts in the nursery....waiting on sweetpea to arrive....

Have a good evening all!


Betsy said...

Aww, the daughters are beautiful! How fun to be expecting a new one in the family!

Jill said...

WONDERFUL daughters and such a fun welcome a new little girl!!!

I have family in Fayetteville!! I knew you were good people!!!

Joycee said...

That Razorback outfit is too cute! Thanks for letting me know you cannot see my blog text. I have been having problems and the message says cannot display blog in Internet Explorer. Roberta at Raggedy Girls Playplace lost her whole blog recently to a glitch at Blogspot so I hope it won't all disappear. I did post Thursday and Friday, can you pull them up by just going to
My husband said they were also having trouble with Internet Explorer at work the other day. Let me know it it's still not showing up when you try to go to my blog and I'll try to contact blogspot.
joy c.

KBeau said...

Love the Razorback onesie. I need one of those for my new granddaughter. I did find her a cute outfit with pink bloomers and a pink pig appliqued to a white onesie.