Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Reality TV Addiction

Yes I admit it, I love, love reality TV. Another season is coming to an end and on one hand I am happy that I will not be tied to my TV and on the other I am sad for all these people that I Love to not be in my home every week......

First: American Idol

Of course I am partial to Kris, being a nice guy from Arkansas. I also like Danny and Allison but I Do Not Care For Adam and I think he will probably win. For a great synopsis of the show be sure and read BooMama's blog. She does an excellent job.

Second: Dancing With The Stars

I am pulling for Melissa. I fell in love with her on The Bachelor and I would be willing to bet that she says Bachelor? What's That? Go Melissa, you are the winner!

Third: The Biggest Loser

Don't you just love this show? I admire everyone on this show soooo much. I really want Mike (18 years old) to win but I think Tara is really unbeatable. Did you see last night when Ron, crossed the finish line on the marathon? Gosh, talk about tear jerker,,,he is my hero.

Fourth: Last but not least....Survivor

Am I the only one who still watches??? I will admit there will never be another Rudy, Richard, Susan, Jerry, Colby, Rodger, Elisabeth, Tom, Boston Rob (oh my I vowed I would never watch this show again until he was gone, I think I went in another room for maybe 30 minutes/ha) but I still enjoy watching the back stabbing mind games they play. I don't think they starve like they did in the first seasons, seem to have it a bit easier these days.

I almost forgot Number Five: The Celebrity Apprentice

I love this show!!! When it first began I made the comment that I hoped Joan Rivers would be the first to go. Well snap judgements can be wrong....I hope she wins! Don't like the poker player, Annie, no, don't like her at all. I was so wrong about Joan, she is a tough, energetic, lady.

Well gosh, now that I think about it there is a... Number Six: The Amazing Race
I hope Margie and Luke, mother and son, win!!!!

I am hoping for more free time after these shows are over....No I will not watch the new season of The Bachelorette, starting May 13....I love I will not watch....will you tell me what is happening if I don't know she has 30 bachelors to choose from... up from 25 I will not I will not watch....

Almost time for AI, gotta get dinner on the table...ha
Have a good evening all.


Jill said...

This is the FIRST season we have watched Idol. The kids like to watch Tuesday but not Wednesday...I just HURRIED them up to their rooms to read so I can get the kitchen finished and watch Idol BY MYSELF!!

OOOOOOooooooo! I am SOOOO excited! I do NOT like Adam either!!! NUFF SAID!

Solar Powered said...

I will NOT watch The Bachelorette or Bachelor ever again. Sometimes I get so tired of watching t.v. that I just have to turn it off and vow not to turn it back on for a couple of nights. Peace and quiet with a good book is a nice change of pace sometimes. But don't get me wrong I do love my t.v.

grammy said...

Wow do you ever have a lot of yard to mow. Pretty green yard, but lots of mowing. I only watch Survivor this year. I don't think it is as good as it use to be ... but I will watch till the end. Would like the young farm boy to win (o: