Thursday, May 14, 2009

Yard Day

Yesterday was spent mowing, etc which I really enjoyed, except for "The Wind"

Yes it was blowing!! I don't like wind, but at least it wasn't raining so I had to make the best of the sunshine hours. The outdoors smells so good right now. It is just so sweet smelling and all because of the wild hedges and honeysuckle....
Can't you just smell them? I love May, it is just my favorite month.

Trixie loves for me to mow, she follows me from front to back searching for lizards! This girl loves to catch a lizard and stand there and bark at it! Well OK she does bite at it until it quits moving.
they are just playing possum and crawl off after she feels victorious and walks away!

This is her favorite spot to rest! Gosh I need mulch!!!

Yard Work! It just never ends, as does house work, but I enjoy the outdoors so much more! One more thing; Do any of you know what these strange things are??? They have a very sweet smell, actually like a sweet potato, see the flies on them? If you accidentally touch one they are just mushy and they seem to only last for a day. Very strange..

How about Kris Allen? Awesome, good luck Kris!

Tonight is Grey's Anatomy season finale, and it has actually gotten much better since the beginning of the season.

Have a good evening all!


Joyce said...

I have no idea what those are? I thought AI was awesome last night and was so happy for Kris. I am all ready for the 2 hrs of Grey's tonight. Have fun watching:) Thanks for posting on my blog today.

joanie said...

Thx for your comments on my blog. We share two interests at least--AI (although my fav was Danny Gokey)and Grey's--also looking forward to tonight's finale.

Enjoyed visiting you--I'll be back.


Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

Watching Grey's now... they keep us guessing. Is Izzy leaving???

nikkicrumpet said...

I'm with you...yard work is so much better than housework. And Your sweet dog looks absolutely thrilled with his "yard work"! I'm not sure what those things are...but by the way you describe them I'd say they are some kind of spore...we get these creepy yellow ones that do the same thing when you touch them....and if you spray them with water they puff up like smoke...either that or we're both being invaded by alien life forms lol

tootie said...

I just mowed our lawn this morning, and it is a satisfying feeling to see the yard looking good!

Solar Powered said...

what are those weird things growing in your yard?