Sunday, May 31, 2009

Busy, Busy!

Yesterday was pool opening, which means bleach, broom and hose. I have to clean the concrete around the pool which is stained from tree blooms, leaves, etc. What a job, I will be sore from that for a day or two!! But that job is over with and now I can relax.....or so I thought.

My husband has been wanting to build a game room/pool house. He finally decided where he wanted to put it, mainly due to the location of water, septic, etc. so I graciously had to donate my flower bed. We got up early and transplanted my dogwood, impatiens, and hostas and now the mess begins!!!

First tree down left a hole large enough for another pool, (looks like to me)

It is nice to have a friend with a backhoe!!! And one that is willing to donate time to this project!

He can mess up a yard in no time!!!

Now construction can start....just as my pool time begins...ugh!

Have a good "hot" day all!


KBeau said...

That's a beautiful piece of property. Hope you don't mind, but I'm going to borrow your Razorback button.

Solar Powered said...

Wow...will it be attached to the house? The pool looks great!

Nancy W said...

I know it's lots of work but I am so in awe of you guys being able to do whatever you wish on your large property! So cool to look at a tree and say I think we will take it down and build a pool house! So COOL! Hugs from Conroe, TX!

Betsy said...

Your pool is beautiful! You can lay on a floating raft and watch the progress on the game room...hopefully!

Jill said...

OH! Your pool is wonderful! I love it that it is so close to your pond!
PLEASE share photos of the construction! I love projects like this!

tootie said...

The pool looks so inviting!

And I think it's definitely a "man thing" to have to build something :)

linda said...

Your pool and your property are beautiful...I think I need to move to Arkansas!

I can't wait to see the finished pool house!

The Mrs. said...

Okay please email me and let me know how you bleach pool area! I need to do this! Instructions PLEASE!