Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My New Friends!

For some unknown reason I did not watch Friends! Maybe I was hooked on another network at that time of night, or maybe I was just not very smart.....whatever the reason was, I would like to apologize to everyone involved in making this show the best I have ever seen and now own, yes own all ten seasons. I watched season one thru Netflix and was hooked from the first episode..then decided I had to have them, not just rent them. There are so many extras on the dvd collections. I love the producer commentaries; they tell so much about how the scenes came together, it is fascinating. All of the gags and bloopers are included plus the video of Smelly Cat, which I now sing nonstop/ha The best part is the interviews of the cast after season 10, which I could hardly watch. For those of you who watched Friends, I don't know how you stood the end of a season. I mean when Joey bent down and picked up the ring and Rachel said yes....how did you wait until next season??? I just shed a tear and put next season in. And Gosh how great were the Thanksgiving episodes??

All of this brings me to tell you about the request my husband made...well can I have the collection of my favorite show? Of course, was my reply, what would you like? GUNSMOKE!!!! Oh my, 20 seasons, 640 episodes!!!! I am glad I have many good books lined up to read, cause I'm just not up for this!!! It is funny to see stars when they were very young though. Last night Jodi Foster and Joanie (from Happy Days) were on an episode and were so young, just little girls. Sometimes we argue about who the people are, it's fun.

I leave you with my favorite Joey Tribbiani line:
How You Doing?


Solar Powered said...

Ha!!!!!!!!! Gunsmoke.

cindy said...

Oh, Nanny, I'm glad you have become a fan. We watched this show up until the season that Susan and her girlfriend (I forget her name) got married. That was a little to too much, especially with an 8 & 7 year old beside me.
But, after we lost Joshua, one of Jennifer's friends brought over a video and we briefly sat down to watch it. Televison wasn't holding our attention but when we saw Friends at this point, we were hooked. We had found something to take our mind off our pain. We eventually became full-time friends by buying the series and watching it night after night. We have moved on past that now, but we still enjoy watching it for a 1/2 hour on tv.
Jack and I always said how neat it must have been for the group of 6 to be able to have so much fun together at work.
After you have watched the series a few times we'll have to have a trivia contest.
Who is your favorite charachter?

Jill said...

I always enjoyed FRIENDS...I love the fact that you can just watch one episode after another...NO COMMERCIALS!!! Oh yeah!

nanny said...

Cindy, I have thought and talked to my daughter about the same thing you said, wouldn't it be neat to live in NY with close friends like the show. As for my favorite,,,,I cannot pick,,,,I love each and everyone of the cast. They are each special to me, nope just can't pick. Who is yours?
I am glad the show brought you some comfort in your sorrow. That speaks very highly of this show.

grammy said...

I don't know if I could watch gun smoke either. Those old shows seem so primitive. The acting seems strange. We are spoiled. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

I'm a HUGE FRIENDS FAN! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that show - we're always quoting lines from it!
Anytime I've had a bad day at work or whatever, I pop in Friends & everything is ALL BETTER! Love those F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

Now, Gunsmoke - 640 episodes? I had no idea that show ran that long! WoW! That's amazing, because I though Friends was the longest running show ever

The Mrs. said...

That is too funny! I was hooked on it for years and never missed an episode!

Tasha said...

I was hooked on Friends. One of my favorites is when Ross whitens his teeth and dates the girl with the black light. I laugh so hard when I see that one! Such a great show!