Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mowing in High!

OK at 3:00 I decided to mow the front yard before the rain.....It was really bad! I put the mower in high and finished that part. Well guess I'll weed eat around the flower beds and trees, Done. I like to be completely through with the front before I move on! Weird, uh?

May as well mow the side....Done...weedeat..Done.

Moving right along...may as well mow the backyard...Done.....weedeat....Done

Guess I can mow all the way to the pond.....Done

I finished it all before the rain!!!! That makes me happy/ha Heavy rain and winds moving in tonight, ho hum same story, different verse.

Tip for the day:
Use blue corn tortillas in your next batch of nachos, fajitas, or quesadillas for more effective weight loss. A team of Mexican and Venezuelan researchers found that tortillas made from blue corn have a lower glycemic load than white corn tortillas do, so they won't raise your blood sugar as quickly. The blue variety also has more protein and less starch.

Have a good evening all!


Jill said...

Hey Nanny can I come over and take a dip in your pool...I just LOVE a dip in a pool with a slide!!

Your yard looks WONDERFUL!!!

Sorry about more rain...we are to have more rain tomorrow after two glorious warm, sunny days.

Solar Powered said...

looks great! thanks for the tip on blue corn tortillas

nanny said...

Jill, Pack up your sweet kids and head to Arkansas....we'll swimm all day. (or sit and soak up some rays)

linda said...

Boy did you get a burst of energy! I wish I could get motivated like that!

Your yard is beautiful!