Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Bit D!

Off to Dallas, to spend weekend with my daughter and son in law for food, fun and "Shopping"!!!! What an experience the shopping is, even grocery shopping is an experience.
But for now, gotta watch the HOGS,,,,fingers crossed for a WIN!

Update,,,,,First of many trips to Dallas,,,,checkout Solar's Post,,,,,,YES!!!! Ask me if I am smiling?


Solar Powered said...

can't wait to see you! neither can cricky and bird

Whit's Mom said...

Congratulations on becoming Nanny again!!
Have a safe trip.

Betsy said...

Have a wonderful time!

And when you get back...I've tagged you for a very short, fun meme if you want to join in!

granolachic said...

be safe! so jealous!! wish i were there, too! kisses to you all!