Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Winter Just Can't Let Go

Did weatherman just say "Artic Air Moving In"? Not again, chance of snow on Saturday, after 71 today. Guess that means one more pot of chili coming up. Have you tried Tom's Original Corn Chips with chili? Instead of Frito brand. They are so good, lighter flavor, not so strong. I love a big bowl of chips, chili, cheese, jalapenos and yes I like ketchup on my chili! Oh yes and a pepcid prior to this meal/ha What do you like on or with your chili? Share your recipe with me, love new ones.

Have a good day all.


Barefoot in the Park said...

ugh. i feel the same way. OLD MAN WINTER GO AWAY!

Jill said...

Oh, I just love chili! I like it with lots of cheddar cheese and oyster crackers...I am getting hungry! AND, I always serve celery with peanut butter with other relishes on the mom did that so I do that!

Will have to try those corn chips!
I always leave your blog hungry Nanny!

Happy Daily said...

Thank you for stopping by; I love your blog!! I was thinking the same thing today...if winter is going to stick around, I want some comfort food!

Have a wonderful day!

nanny said...

Guess you all can tell that Food is near and dear to my heart/ha

Solar Powered said...

thanks to you, I, too, love ketchup on my chili and get the weirdest looks from everyone even BM that will eat everything can't get used to it and calls it Gross. Artic air??!!!

Technonana said...

Right there with you!!! We're up, we're down!!!
I'm soooo ready for spring!!