Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My New Breakfast of Choice

Found these yesterday while in Wal Mart and they are so yummy! I think I will eat these out of the box for snack.

Well I have chicken boiled and ready for mexican chicken tonight, Pizza sauce is made for tomorrow night (I am on a mission to make good homemade pizza, if you have a good dough recipe, please share with me), WW soup on the stove for my lunches, and now I am off to the office to "continue" the tax preparation, ugh!

Have a good day all!


Tasha said...

Your blog is super cute! I just stopped by when I saw the travel comment from Barefoot in the Park. Love the diverse topics on your page!

Betsy said...

Well, aren't you organized! :) I saw these cheerios at the grocery and wondered if they were good!

Leslie said...

I will look for this cereal when I go to Walmart again, Thanks for sharing, I copied the soup recipe, also. I have had the soup before but, lost the recipe.

Jill said...

Well, Nanny! I just saw a TV commercial for these Cheerios and wondered if these would be good! I hate "fakey" banana flavoring but love banana.
Based on your recommendation I am going to try a box!