Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Betsy at My Five Men had the cutest post about her son Spencer and his cheese and it got me thinking about the amount of cheese I purchase and consume weekly.

Do you have this much cheese in your refrigerator? Am I way overboard? Every recipe calls for a different cheese. One stack of slices is velveeta for my grilled cheese sandwiches and one slice is american for my husband's sandwiches, oh my. The block of cheddar I slice and eat, as does Spencer.

What's in your fridge?


Solar Powered said...

a block of cheddar that i slice from daily, shredded cheddar for BM's eggs, feta that i've been told to avoid while pregnant, parmesan (3 kinds), monteray jack, mozzerella, some fancy central market kind, and slices for my grilled cheeses...I think I'm your daughter.

Betsy said...

We have all of those in the refrig, too! Everything tastes better with cheese, right?
Very cute post, Nanny!

Jill said...

Don't let anyone down play the beauty of cheese!!!! It is delicious and full of goodness!

Alison said...

i have all of that cheese plus monteray jack, and mozerella! it must be in the family!

Alison said...

oh wait, i see you have that too! LOL.