Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My American Idol!!

Taylor is back and I couldn't be happier. Grease has closed in NYC and my man is back!!!!! Looking forward to many more songs! I was playing around on youtube and listened to his perfomances on idol and didn't realize how much I missed his music! Can you name all of the winners AND who came in second?

Guess I'd better get dinner ready, so I can watch American Idol. Hope Kris does well!

Have a good evening all!


The Mrs. said...

I'm going to have to pay attention to Kris!!!

Jill said...

We watched Idol last night...boy does Paul like Kris too...I have not picked a real favorite yet!
It is fun!

Houses, Couches and Babies said...

I really like Kris, too. I can understand why Simon told Kris that he shouldn't have broadcasted about the wife so early on...but at the same time, I think that really rallied the married ladies around him!