Monday, March 30, 2009

I'm Not Alone

Have you heard about the new book by Jodyne Speyer titled Dump 'Em'? It tells you how to breakup with 22 different people from doctor to hairdresser. Evidently I am not the only one who struggles with the breakup (never thought of it in those words) of a hairdresser. I now know I have not "broken up" in the proper way! Read the excerpt, 4 pages, on hairdresser here I have never sent flowers with card saying thanks for all of the great haircuts, or lied about having lice, had to shave head, therefore won't be needing a cut for long time, or just confronted stylist with my decision to move on!!! What I have done is given stylist multiple chances to do what I want and not what "They" want, then I move on. This book says you can remain friends after a breakup if handled properly. That was my first clue that I have failed. None, not one of my prior hairdressers speaks to me when I see them. It's not like I made their business fail, they are all busy and you have to wait for weeks for an appointment. Here are some of my reasons for changing stylists:

1. Talked on phone during my entire appointment, multiple times.

2. Raved about being overbooked and couldn't understand why receptionist did this to her. I wanted to leave during appointment on that one!

3. Would not cut my hair the way I wanted. I even took a picture and she said yuck I don't like that and handed the picture to the person at next station. Funny thing was "She" had cut my hair in the picture and I loved it. I had gone to her for years.

4. Supposedly best stylist in town (highest price also) Cut #1 perfect. Cut #2 One side so much longer than the other, it was hard to disguise.

5. Ok let's try stylist that doesn't charge so much and I am hearing lots of good reports on. Cut #1 perfect. Cut #2,,,,she tells me, No you don't want it like that!

That brings us to the present, I am looking again!!! I think I will just go to another city, use fictitious name and change stylist every month = no breakup needed!


Betsy said...

Oh, haven't we ALL been there! It's most awkward when you want the girl in the next booth to cut your hair and have to go in and face your regular one that you have now rejected! Yes, just go to the next town! ha-ha! I would never send flowers to one I was dumping! But when you get one that you love, you will keep her forever!

Jill said...

This cracks me up...I have a VERY dear friend that constantly "breaks up" with people...I am writing her an e-mail immediately to alert her to this book!

Ted A. Brooks said... made me smile this morning....Oh how I have been in these situations...your blog is warm and inviting....Merlinsangel

Solar Powered said...

ha! we all know that I disappear for a year decide that I was foolish for breaking up and then have to go that's embarassing

Patty said...

Isn't that the truth, first cut is perfect, after that look out, you never know what you'll get. But thank god, hair does grow back.

I never missed an appointment, the one time I accidentally looked at my calendar wrong, when I realized I was an hour late, called, the girl went to ask the woman that did my cut, she came back and said she doesn't have time to work you in and she's booked up for the next two weeks.

Ok, she could always seem to take plenty of time with the men, while I would wait, and kept talking and clipping AIR, since there wasn't anymore hair to cut, but me waiting was ok. After all I wasn't called a stylist.

I called my neighbor and asked where she went for her hair cut, it was right here in town, and she said he takes walk ins. So off I went, that's been about ten years ago. Sometimes I don't like the way he cuts it either and think about changing again. I asked him once if it were possible to have it cut like his receptionist, he said no, my hair was too fine. She actually looked like she had a long crew cut. I like short hair, saves me having to fiddle around with it between cuttings. I use to get perms, stopped those about 15 years ago. Here in our little town, this person charges $27.00 to wash, cut and blow dry and I always give him a $5.00 tip. I go five weeks. But my hair keeps getting thinner and thinner, not sure if it's my age or the one pill I have to take for five years since my last breast surgery. It's called Femara.

Sorry I have rambled on and on, that's what happens when you get old like me. LOL

Alison said...

lol.i cheat then go back!

Rosy said...

A bit of humor for sure here...I hate it when a hair stylist never cuts our hair the way we want it cut...never fails! I learn the best way to break up with a hair stylist is to simply ditch him or her.

By the way I really enjoy your blog, my first time here.