Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The View!

All I want to know is, Who declared it "Big Necklace Day" ? I mean they were decked out on this show. Elisabeth couldn't fit one in with the "Print" so she has the Ring, check it out, on right hand. I didn't see the entire episode, but this is a good one. I have to admit, I was offended by President Obama laughing so much. Watch the entire video it gets good at the end!!!


Storm is moving into the area!
Have a good day all!


Jill said...

Oh my! That is some CHUNKY bling those ladies are wearing!

I almost thought that Obama was getting "punchy" and "giggly" and found it a bit odd.

Do pass on to Solar that in her shopping for maternity wear...to avoid this print AT ALL COSTS...it is hideous!

nanny said...

LOL will do Jill!

Solar Powered said...

LOL. I have several things to say:
1. I love yall bloggers and Nanny thanks for keeping us posted on the View. I hope my baby likes to sleep at 10:00 so I can watch it come September.

2. Was already going to say that her shirt was awful...too big..and too bold but then feared that in 5 months someone would look at me and say the same thing, but Jill, since you said it first - I Totally agree!

3. I feel like someone coached Obama on not being so damn pessimistic and serious all the time and it backfired on him. Lesson? Keep it Real always.

4. Why are we still talking about Palin?

5. What would the media have done if Bush had said "special olympics?" Crucified him.

nikkicrumpet said...

I was glad to see this clip...because I refuse to watch that show. It annoys the crap out of me and I get sick of listening to those hags beating up on the young one and listening to the audience cheer them on. All I know is that the double standard they have makes me want to barf. If that had been a Republican that said that they would be FREAKING OUT! But because it is their guy they are falling all over themselves to excuse his behavior. And the laughing thing really scared me...it's like he's starting to crack and it's only been a few months.