Sunday, March 22, 2009

What's In Your Coffee?

I remember when I took my coffee black!!! And then little by little I started adding just a little sugar, then I quit the sugar and picked up the coffeemate,,,now I am hooked. Bad thing is I get hooked on one flavor and they discontinue it, as with vanilla latte. I used to but it two jars at a time, I just had a feeling it would go away! Now I love Hazelnut Biscotti with just a little French Vanilla, good combo! I buy the singles at Sam's so I am covered on that flavor for a while, but I fear Hazelnut will disappear from shelves soon/ha.

Have a good Sunday all!


marty39 said...

I think I've done the reverse. I use to use sugar and coffeemate, and now I drink mine black except at night and then I want cream and sugar. lol Thanks for stopping by and your gracious comments. I hope you had a chance to visit some of the new bloggers. Hugs,Marty

Tasha said...

I am a coffeemate creamer addict as well. I alternate between Hazelnut and French Vanilla. Nothing beats a good cup of coffee!

Jill said...

OH! OH! OH! How I love a cup of good coffee. I have evolved too in that I can NO LONGER tolerate cheap, acrid coffee. I am officially a coffee PRUDE! I do like it black but will occasionally enjoy the Amaretto creamer...and when I go to a coffee house I ALWAYS get a sweet, creamy latte! YUM!